Richard Soper

Automation Engineer


Richard at industrial park in Seattle, Washington

As an automation engineer I have spent countless hours probing web apps, web services, and compiled applications of all kinds for vulnerabilities and defects. In an effort to expand my knowledge past testing these applications Ive created this site to get first hand experience with micro-services, containerized application hosting, web app scaling, and general deployment practices. I want to use this space as a technological playground, and a demonstration of my newfound skills.


What I know What I’m learning
Swift SwiftUI
Python Django
Traefik Kubernetes
JavaScript Laravel
Docker Node
Docker Swarm  

About this site

The goal with this site and everything on this domain is to learn new things, and experiment with new technologies. I expect that this site will change every so often in order to test new frameworks and perhaps new designs.


This site and its contents are hosted at home and do not have any relation to my employer.